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Episode 64: From Wall Street To Sommelier, Doris Pradieu, Celebrates A New Career And Cheers To 2021

Doris Pradieu has had a very successful career for years in the corporate world.  She's also had a passion for understanding the art of winemaking and it's varietal complexities. Doris discusses some of the unique notes that are found in wines and how climate, soil, weather patterns, and harvesting can have a profound effect on wines throughout the world. 

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Episode 65: From Teenage Punk Rocker To Nightclub Chanteuse - Rizo Love Shares Her Passion To Entertain With Lots of Glitter

The NYC-based artist has earned a name for herself by transforming nightclub-pop and comedy into experiences that are soulful and theatrical. A provocateur with an electric wit, Rizo is a vessel for the spirits of Edith Piaf and Freddie Mercury. She is a mysterious figure, a siren ushering you through tableaus of heartbreak, lust, and the murkiness in between.

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Episode 66: Four Different Perspectives On Identity, Discrimination, Racism, and Prejudice.

Andrea and Owen invite two guests to the show to have a roundtable discussion on "identity" and the obstacles we endure. Mercer Carlin and Chef Paul Simeon are welcomed to the show to share some of their own personal experiences. 

Episode 67: Identity (part 2). The Asian American Experience, In A Climate of Being Judged, Racial Slurs, and Violent Attacks.

Brother and sister, Colby and Adrienne Wong, share their personal perspective on the current anti-Asian climate within the country. Why are these attacks happening? What is the catalyst that brought this on? How do Colby and Adrienne cope? Is there a history of this happening? 

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