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Episode 17: The Power of Language and Communication (part 1)

An in-depth conversation with Expert Executive Transformational Coach Jill Burns on The Power of Language and Communication, and how they relate to our relationships. How to tap into empowering our relationships through communication. How is technology having an effect on how we communicate with our partners? Is technology empowering or disempowering our relationships? What are the other ways we communicate other than speaking? Should we pay attention to what is not said? How the bastardization of language is disempowering our relationships.

Episode 18: The Power of Language and Communication (part 2)

Owen and Andrea reflect and elaborate on the previous episode. Both discuss specific talking points, that Expert Executive Transformational Coach Jill Burns has laid out, and how these concepts affect our day to day lives. How does our past affect our present and future? Trusting life, taking risks and living into a future free from our past. 

Episode 19: Friendships

A discussion on the different types of friendships. How friendships can sometimes recede over the years and yet return back to normalcy almost instantly. How friendships can change. When to know if it's time to move on. Competitiveness and negativity in friendships. 

Episode 20: Transition

Moving forward and brainstorming on the future of Cylo podcast into the new year of 2020. Andrea mentions that she'd like to consult with experts to share their insights on specific subjects and how listeners can tackle certain roadblocks that they may be experiencing. Owen taps into the word 'transition' and shares his passion and personal experience on the subject. 

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