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Episode 21: Reflecting on 2019 and Generating Goals for 2020

Acknowledging our accomplishments from the past year. Establishing realistic goals and a timeline for our future. Breaking routine habits and shaking things. Breaking out of predictable habits. Living into an unpredictable future of possibility. Taking risks and trying new things. Knowing when to reach out for support in regards to big issues. Taking baby steps in the direction we want to go in. Being open to taking on new experiences.

Episode 22: Spirituality and Religion

Discussing our history with religion and how it's had an impact into adulthood. Respecting others beliefs. Channeling our beliefs into positivity. 

Episode 23: Destiny and Life Purpose (part 1)

Discussing our inner passion. Do we all have one thing that is our inner passion? Is it our destiny and purpose to follow through with this passion? Do some people not have an inner passion or are they just unaware of what their passion may be? What do we do when our destiny has been derailed by outside sources?

Episode 24: Intuition (part 1)

Is intuition within all of us? Do some people have more of a sense of intuition than others? Can we enhance our intuition? Is it something we're born with? Is it like wisdom where it builds upon itself as we get older? Do animals have more intuition than humans? Do artists have more of a sense of intuition than those who are not artists?

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