Episode 25: Intuition (part 2)

A continuation of the conversation of Intuition. Special guest appearance with psychic and clairvoyant Tanya Brown. Tanya is a business coach who uses her psychic gift to help clients gain confidence and clarity in business (and life) by sharing what she sees.

Episode 26: Aging

Special guest appearance with Jen Miles. Jen shares her outlook and personal experiences on the subject of aging. Have our expectations of life come to fruition? How do we manage our disappointments? How is the glass half-full as opposed to half-empty? We're all aging at the same time. Life is like being on a train. Some of us are at the front of the train...and others in the back. What can we do to empower ourselves in this process?

Episode 27: Mortality

Once again, Cylo podcast chats with special guest Jen Miles. Owen, Jen, and Andrea share their personal outlook and experiences with mortality. Confronting our fears on the subject. How do we manage our fears? Appreciating the small things while living in the present. 

Episode 28: Rebellious

Can being rebellious work in a positive manner for us? Can it be used as a tool to work to our advantage in certain circumstances? How so? Can it be the thing that lights a fire underneath us to get us in action? How do we know when to tap into it or is it just something that happens instinctually? 

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