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Owen Burns

Owen is a creative artist and musician. He works as an Art Director in the magazine business and performs as a solo artist at various music venues in NYC. Owen embarks on a new journey with the creation of Cylo podcast. Based on his knowledge gleaned from personal growth seminars, countless self-help books, and interpersonal relationships, Owen shares his unique perspective on life and lessons learned. "I've seen a lot, done a lot, and sometimes feel as though I've experienced more in my lifetime than five people combined." Wisdom comes from the sum of one's life experiences, challenges, and failures. Our purpose is to follow our inner compass.


Andrea Warmington

British born of Jamaican parents, Andrea Warmington has lived in several international cities, as an Art Director and creative lead in graphic design, digital design, advertising, video, and TV. She’s worked for a number of top advertising agencies and built her creative expertise working for high-profile beauty and luxury brands in New York and throughout the world. With such a high-pressure work schedule, Andrea reflects: “yoga has been my saving grace. It’s helped me find balance in my busy city life while creating a deep connection with myself”. She eventually decided to share her passion and empowering spiritual connection with others as a certified vinyasa yoga instructor and lifestyle champion; guiding students towards empowerment, personal growth, and well-being. The next logical step was to broaden her awareness on a larger platform with the launch of Cylo podcast. “I believe we all have it within ourselves to find true happiness while living into our full potential. Anything is possible”.

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