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Episode 60: Singer/Songwriter, Jen Silva, Generates A New Career Living Into Her True Passion After Years Of Working In The Corporate World

Jen Silva describes her journey with becoming the singer/songwriter she is today. There was a time when she wasn't ready for it. She is now full steam ahead in ways that she never imagined. Jen faced her fears and followed her intuition when she realized she wasn't happy with the life that she had chosen. She made a conscious decision to change course and is convinced she made the right decision. Do we all have a destiny that we should be living into?

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Episode 61: Editor-in-Chief of The Americano: US Latino News Outlet, Cristy Marrero, Gives Us The Post-Election Breakdown From The US Latino Perspective.

Cristy Marrero discusses the differences within the Latino vote post-election. What are the differences in the Latino vote between Florida, Arizona, and Nevada? How do Puerto Ricans feel about not being able to vote, yet they are a commonwealth of the US?

Check out The Americano website. A news site focused on politics created by Latinos for Latinos.

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Episode 62: Extra Special Guest!!! SONY Music Recording Artist, Bob Dee With Petro, Shares Of His Rise To Fame, World Travels, And That Rock And Roll Is Still Alive And Well!

Bob Dee, is a singer/songwriter/guitarist, who’s been living into his passion and rock and roll dream since a teenager. With great support and encouragement from family and friends, Bob has proven that with relentless determination and work comes success. Bob and Owen grew up 10 minutes away from each other in upstate NY, and exchange fun stories of their rock and roll journeys.

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Episode 63: Director Christopher Wells, Discusses Behind-The-Scenes Challenges Of Creating A 7-Minute Short Film In Just Two Days. 

Christopher Wells sees an advertisement to enter a short film contest. With minimal days left to enter and against all advice of his peers, Chris decides to go for it. Facing insurmountable obstacles, he miraculously pulls off the impossible by completing the horror film "Elimination Strain". Hear the behind-the-scenes challenges to pull off such a monumental task. 

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