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Episode 56: Senior Architect and Abstract Painter, Froilan Vicente, Discusses Vulnerability and The Polarity of Two Artistic Worlds 

Froilan Vicente, painter, and architect grew up in the rural Philippines and emigrated to Canada. After receiving his Bachelor of Architecture, he relocated to New York City. Froilan's art is inspired by the dried remains of raindrops on subway windows, the surfaces around him - walls, floors, ceilings, furniture.  Each painting is a record of its own process - a layered document of spontaneity, loss, chance association that ultimately deals with displacement, and the (in)stability of home. 

Learn more about Froilan Vicente on his website.

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@ froilan_painter

Episode 57: Spiritual Healer, Seema Christie, Discusses The Power of Healing During Chaotic Times

Seema talks about the fires in California and the overwhelming impact on the community. Are the fires a symbol of what's happening in this chaotic world? Does extreme polarity and taking nature for granted reveal a symbolic response? The fires have been devastating to communities. There's been a tremendous communal and compassionate response for people to help each other from this devastation. How do we heal from this polarized world and nature's response? Seema dives deep into the conversation on her healing practices and techniques and how we all can learn to heal each other during these difficult times. 

Learn more about Spiritual Healing at the Big Sur Healing Home on Facebook.

Episode 58: Reggae Inspired Musician, Ishmael Levi, Shares of His Experiences Playing To All Audiences: From International Music Festivals To Intimate Gatherings On NYC Subway Platforms

Ishmael Levi is often compared to the great Bob Marley. His version of "Redemption Song" is breathtaking. As much as Ishmael appreciates the compliment, he also loves to surprise his audiences with the unexpected, such as covering Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" or Christina Aguilera's "Say Something (I'm giving up on you)". Ishmael talks of the struggles of being a musician during a pandemic and thoughts of having to possibly rethink everything. His heart is heavy with the state of our political division and racial unrest. What's next? Where do we all go from here? Music transcends all barriers and is the great healer within us all. 

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Episode 59: Ethical Fashion Designer, Lola Faturoti, Informs Us On Sustainable Fashion.

Lola Faturoti discusses the increasing importance of sustainability in the fashion world. More and more people are trying to reduce the pollutive impact that the fashion industry is having on the planet. The increase in "fast fashion" or "disposable fashion" has had devastating pollutant effects worldwide. Lola has committed herself to educate people on this subject while producing her own very chic "zero waste" fashion line. 

Learn more about Fashion Designer Lola Faturoti on her website.

Learn more about "LolaLovesCargo" line.

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