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Episode 52: NYC Architect, Colby Wong, Shares His Passion With Jewelry Making.

Colby describes his journey expressing his new creativity and the art form that he grew to love. What inspired him with his collection? How has architecture and nature influenced his jewelry? What has he learned about himself through this process? What are his thoughts on sharing his creations with others? 

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Episode 53: Heath Brockwell, Discusses "The New Maturity":

The Digital Magazine For A New Generation.

The digital generation is maturing, discovering new things about themselves, moving forward, and accepting change. How are we embracing these changes? What else is possible with change?

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Episode 54: Fine Artist/Painter, Clive Smith, And The Art World  

Clive talks about his early career as a Creative Director for a high-profile fashion company and his transition to becoming a Fine Artist/Painter. We discuss the progression of his early work to where he is today. What is his process with beginning a new series? What are his thoughts on the environment? How does it have an impact on his work? What are his thoughts on self-expression? What's next?

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Episode 55: Viennese Pastry Chef, Heidi Riegler, Shares Her Love of Austrian Baking

Heidi Riegler discusses her transition from the corporate world of being a public relations marketing executive to creating her own Austrian baking company called The Vienna Cookie Company. What was the turning point for her to create her own company? What was the process like getting it up and running? What is her plan to expand the business?

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