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Episode 48: Are We Living A LIfe of Full Self-Expression? 

What is full self-expression? What are the various forms? Fashion? Physical ways of being? Communicating with others? Artistry? How do we know if we're living fully self-expressed or not? What are the costs of not being fully self-expressed? What are the rewards? Owen shares his self-expression with his artistry of music and explains how everyone has the ability to be fully self-expressed. Available for download on iTunes! #cylopodcast @cylopodcast

Follow the Owen Burns music fan page on Facebook and Instagram @ owenburnsnyc. Click the link below to hear Owen's latest song and video entitled "Revelation".

Episode 49: Self-Expression, And Living Into Our Authentic Self.

The conversation continues with self-expression. Special guest, Jessica Stone shares her own personal journey discovering her authentic self and writing her first self-published memoir entitled "Craving London: Confessions of An Incurable Romantic with an Insatiable Appetite". Jessica Stone has spent a hearty chunk of her time plotting what to eat next and pondering the mysteries of love, both of which come together in a lot of what she writes. Jessica grew up in a Cuban American family in Miami and studied journalism at New York University before moving to London in 2004, where she trained in patisserie at Le Cordon Bleu and wrote a blog that became the basis for "Craving London". "Craving London” will be released on August 25th, 2020. Cylo podcast is available for download on iTunes! @cylopodcast  #cylopodcast

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Click the link below to inquire about Jessica Stone and her memoir "Craving London".

Episode 50: What Does Self-Expression Mean To You Personally?

What are the various forms of self-expression? Are they the things that make us feel complete? Is it having the freedom to be? Do we have true joy and vitality if we’re not fully self-expressed? How do we know if we’re not living a life of full self-expression? What are the ramifications of that? Can someone be introverted and self-expressed at the same time? Are we playing life too safe when we’re not allowing ourselves to be fully self-expressed? Cylo podcast is available for download on iTunes! @cylopodcast  #cylopodcast

Episode 51: Supernatural Thriller Writer, Ron Gabriel, Shares About Life Transition and Reinventing Himself. 

Author of the recent book “The Banished”, Ron Gabriel, describes his personal journey of generating a whole new career and living into his true passion. From Art Director in the magazine publishing world to Writer, Ron discusses the process of this transition and the risks. Are we all capable of reinventing ourselves? Cylo podcast is available for download on iTunes!

Click the link below to purchase "The Banished".
Click the link below to inquire about Ron Gabriel and his new book "The Banished".
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