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Episode 44: Reopening! How Are We Moving Forward Socially? 

It's a new world! What now? How do we deal with this new reality? How are we going to be reconnecting with friends? What about dating? Are we not supposed to date until a vaccine? A vaccine may not be available until over a year. Is that realistic? Available for download on iTunes! #cylopodcast @cylopodcast

Episode 45: What have we learned about ourselves after lockdown? 

Reflecting on how we've changed over the past few months. What the positive and negative behaviors we've noticed about ourselves. Are we more self-aware? More in our own bubble? Are we more patient or less patient? Are we more comfortable in our own skin now that we've spent so much time alone?

Episode 46: How is the pandemic affecting our self-expression? 

What is the impact on us with social distancing and face shielding with masks? How are these new norms affecting young children? Are people losing a sense of connection with each other? How can we overcome these social breakdowns? 

Episode 47: Getting Being Yourself 

For some of us, the world we’re living, and the pandemic is creating a sense of loss with ourselves. We feel like we’ve lost touch with who we are and not sure how to get back. What are some of the issues that are causing this? Where have we had this happen before in our life? Are we seeing a pattern? What can we do to resolve this issue?

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