Episode 68: Identity (part 3). Discovering Your New Identity With Maturing And Aging. Who Are You Now?

Do we lose our sense of self when we're at the end of our career or retired? If our career has defined our identity for most of our lives...who are we now without it? What are some of the emotions we experience with this transition? Denial? Anger? Sadness? Grieving? Acceptance? Action? What's next? How do we manage all these emotions and begin living a productive fulfilled new life? Andrea and Owen speak with Heath Brockwell from the online magazine "The New Maturity", and with former advertising executive and recently retired Jayne Horowitz on the subject. 

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Mercer Carlin

Leadership Consultant

President of The Agile Learning Center Network
The Agile Learning Center



Will Burns

CEO of Ideasicle X

Forbes Contributor

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Book mention: "Raising Free People" by Akilah Richards

Podcast mention: "Fare Of The Free Child" by Akilah Richards


Ted Talk mention

Sir Ken Robinson: Do Schools Kill Creativity?


Ted Talk mention

Sir Ken Robinson: How To Escape Education's Death Valley


Episode 69: Traditional Education vs. Self-Directed Education

The educational system is continually evolving with an assortment of options. Special guests, Will Burns and Mercer Carlin, share their own personal experiences in the educational system as well as the educational choices they both made with their own children. Will chose a traditional education with his children while Mercer chose a self-directed education for her child. What is possible when a child chooses what they want to learn? Do children learn best when they make their own decisions with what they want to learn? Do children learn more from their culture and environment than from the material that is imposed upon them? We dive deep into the advantages and some possible disadvantages of both educational systems. Neither is better or worse. We discuss the differences and allow you to weigh out the options. 

Episode 70: Pride Celebrations And What That Means To You

This past month of June there have been Pride celebrations in various cities and small towns throughout the country. The LGBTQ community generated pride events after the Stonewall riots in 1969 as a way to bring awareness to societal “inclusivity” for everyone. Race, gender, sexual orientation, religions, and those of all backgrounds or challenges have a day or two to acknowledge and celebrate our differences and commonalities. Spreading the word “inclusivity” in smaller towns can be no easy task yet essential for societal changes to continue moving forward. Our guests today are Travis Barr and Alex Altomonte, who have created the very first Pride weekend in the small town of 5000 people in Cazenovia NY. What inspired them to take on such an enormous task? What were their successes and challenges?