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Episode 8: Purging

Acknowledging our attachment to things. Knowing when to let go of excess. Letting go of our past and moving forward into the future. Is purging like a cleansing or starting over? Knowing when to let go of relationships that are a negative influence on our lives. Should we purge all of our ex relationships or is it ok to keep them in our lives? Cleansing our bodies from within and purging toxins and unhealthy foods from our diet. Decluttering our closets and managing our personal space. 

Episode 5: Self-image (inner)

How do we interpret ourselves? How do others interpret us? Are they in alignment with each other? What do we do when the relationships around us are not working? Some people are their own best friend, while others are their own worst enemy. How do we manage ourselves when we're being our own worst enemy? Recognizing that there's always a way to reach out to someone for help. Getting support is the first step. It's ok to admit that we've made mistakes.  

Episode 7: Pressure

Is pressure real or is it just something that we make up in our head? Is it something that we put upon ourselves? How to resist that voice in our head when we're under pressure? Knowing when to step away from a high-pressure situation. Managing the pressures of age appropriateness. When to break the rules of age appropriateness and choosing to be self-expressed. Comparing ourselves to others and acknowledging the pressures it places upon us. 

Episode 6: Political Correctness

Does political correctness stand up over time? Is it a wavering barometer that shifts in time? Are situations that were accepted behavior decades ago still considered acceptable today? How and why have things changed? Why does time play a part in political correctness? Why didn't we have the same insights decades ago that we have today? Should we consider forgiving others for what they did decades ago based on what was accepted back then? These are many questions that come up with this inquiry.

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