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Episode 1: Self-love

What is "self-love" and what does it mean to you? How do we know when we have "self-love"? Is self-love the core of our lives? Is it about understanding who we are on a deeper level? How do we know when we truly do love ourselves? These are some of the questions we discuss as we go into this inquiry. Andrea and Owen express their perspectives on what these questions mean to them and the repercussions of living a life without self-love. Feeling good about ourselves and expressing that inner love outward to others.

Episode 2: Negativity

The flipside of self-love. How does one know when they're not coming from a perspective of self-love? How negativity shows up in our lives with relationships, drama, turmoil, and how we treat ourselves and others. How to approach someone that isn't living life from self-love: leading by example and changing the dynamic in our relationships. Show others a different perspective on how they can choose to live by shifting the energy between you. When to recognize that it's ok to seek professional help. 

Episode 3: Our Inner Child

There's a root to everything that affects our lives as adults. Our inner child is that root and stays with us to the end of our journey as a human being. Many decisions, actions, and reactions to life are based on the development of the inner child. Looking deep within ourselves, recognizing patterns and how these patterns are working or not working for us. Realizing that past challenges can sometimes have positive outcomes later on in life. Embracing the expression: "Whatever doesn't kill you...makes you stronger".

Episode 4: Self-image (outer)

How we visually project ourselves to the world around us. The decisions we make with our clothes, shoes, hair, nails, piercings, tattoos, and scarification. Are these decisions working in our favor or can they also be a disservice to us? Are we fully conscious of the image we project and how others interpret us? Are we just being self-expressed or are we taking things too far just to get attention? What are we trying to achieve by garnering this much attention? Are we filling a void by creating an "armor" with our appearance?

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