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Episode 9: Addiction

Defining addiction: The fact or condition of a particular substance, thing, or activity. Addiction is all-consuming and runs your life. It can affect regular daily activity. When Is addiction filling a void in our life? What is the root of addiction? When is enough, enough? How do we know when we're being excessive? Sometimes addiction is the buffer to what we're trying to avoid in our lives. Bad habits can become an addiction. Recognizing when we're in denial of our addiction. Dealing with friends/family with addiction.

Episode 10: Career Change (part 1)

Reinventing ourselves. When is the right time to reinvent ourselves? What is the driving force to create a career change? Is it something we create out of passion or is it out of necessity and pressure? What is our transition process to make this change? How do we get ourselves unstuck? Taking risks with our passion. Is there a point in our lives when we have to take a risk with our true passion? Is it ever too late or is it never too late? Sometimes we have to try something new to see if we may like it. We'll never know unless we try.

Episode 11: Career Change (part 2)

A continuation of Episode 10 with 'Career Change'. Is there a time when it's too late to change your career? Living into your passion. Finding our balance with our career and our passion. Is it ever too late to tap into your passion career? Acknowledging our fears with our passion. How do we deal with age discrimination? When do we start thinking about retirement? Staying relevant within your field.

Episode 12: Fear (part 1)

Fear in relation to career and other pursuits that light us up. Taking risks and living into being bigger than who we ever knew we could be. Living into situations that occur as terrifying yet, in reality, our fears are bigger in our mind. Getting past our negative thoughts and the voices that exist in our mind. Allowing ourself to become bigger than who we ever imagined. Begin with stepping stones. Own up to initial failure and know that it will only get better from this point onward. Building on confidence. 

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