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Episode 37: The New Normal—Finding Your Flow

How are we adapting to this "new normal" that we're living in? How do we be with it on a daily basis? Some people are resisting change, while others are going with the flow and finding their own flow. What can we do to empower ourselves in this situation? Why is it important to find our flow? Who is it impacting if we resist? 

Episode 38: Fake News & The Pandemic (part 1)

How do we know what's real news and what's fake news around the pandemic? Is the way we gather information a choice towards what we want to hear? Should we be focusing more on international news to get an unbiased opinion to avoid political slant? Should we be fact-checking everything we hear? How do we manage and process all this information and know when to tune out for our own well-being?

Episode 39: Journalism & Fake News (part 2)

Special guest appearance with Editor-in-Chief/Journalist Cristy Marrero of The Americano News, discussing misinformation, disinformation, and fake news. Cristy goes into great depth, on the distinctions between these three negative areas of Journalism and the impact they have on the general public perception of gathering news. 

Episode 40: Life & Living, During a Pandemic Lockdown

Special guest, Trevor Lazarus, shares his perspective and experience, of living life during a pandemic lockdown. Trevor is a millennial, who is very social, and lives in "the city that never sleeps". He describes the challenges of what young people are dealing with and managing feelings of suppression during this time. 

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