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Episode 33: Commitment

Andrea and Owen discuss the different facets of commitment: the positives and negatives. Commitment shows up differently in various aspects of our life with our career, relationships, family, friends, health & fitness...etc. How do we know when we're truly committed? 

Episode 34: Love & the Ego

Special guest appearance with Clairvoyant Candy Fantaci. Candy dives deep into the conversation love. Love is the great healer with ourselves and those around us. Sometimes our ego blocks the capability to love and to heal from our past wounds. How do we learn to unblock the ego and live our lives from love?

Episode 35: On The Front Line

Special guest "Sandy" shares her experiences as a Director of Nursing and working on the front line of the Coronavirus. Sandy describes what it's like putting out fires all day, managing the team and keeping up the morale. How is this affecting her family and friends? How does she manage the stress and what has she learned about herself through the process?

Episode 36: Unwavering Resilience

An in-depth conversation with Expert Executive Life Coach Jill Burns on the conversation of "unwavering resilience" during the coronavirus outbreak. Jill shares interesting observations and the varying degrees of how some people are responding to the outbreak: from extreme drama, fear, and concerns, to people rising up and providing an unprecedented amount of leadership and everything in between. 

For direct personal life coaching with Jill Burns, click on the Linkedin link below.
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